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About Team JoaFitness

A team of passionate humans who are mastering themselves and are now ready to guide you to do the same! You may think you want physical changes but we make sure we provide much more- a mind, body, soul transformation!


JoaFitness Online Coaching is all done via the JoaFitness App found in the Apple store & Google Store. We want to challenge the disconnect that is out in the coaching space and provide clients with the most accountability and best experience with their mind, body, soul transformation.

In Person

JoaFitness In Person Coaching is based out of Tampa, Fl. When you become an in person client, you get access to the online platform as well and the Team JoaFitness community!

BIKINI Competition

Team JoaFitness competition prep services include a complete nutritional, training, and cardio program that will prepare any bodybuilding competitor for his/her special show day. Posing consultations are also offered to members and non-members of Team JoaFitness.


Need extra motivation, inspiration, or education? The JoaFit Library provides content in the form of E-guides, E-books, and videos that will help in all of those areas.

Client Success

Claudia Garrett (Coached By Joa)

For most of my life, I accepted that I was always going to be the short chubby girl. Just the thought of attempting to work out around “skinny/in-shape” people terrified me. It wasn’t until I decided to have a personal trainer that I learned there is much more to me than my weight. As I progressed in my training with Joanna, I realized that what kept pushing me was the all the accomplishments I was making; being able to do multiple variations of lunges, downhill pushups, planks for over a minute, and so much more. While these are normal achievements most people can do, I can easily say I would not have been able to do it without Joanna. She stands out from most personal trainers because she cares, this is her life and her passion. She was able to get me into the gym feeling confident by simply showing me all the progress I have made mentally and physically. I cannot imagine continuing my journey into a healthier and happier lifestyle without her by my side.

Candace Eliahu, Bikini Prep Client (Coached By Joa)

“Joanna Sanchez; when you look up that name, what does it say underneath it? A goddess, the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time), and the most amazing human being you will ever find on this planet. These are just some of the VERY few attributes that describes this woman; the list can go on and on, trust me. I met Joanna at USF, where we were in the Exercise Science Program together. I always admired her ambition and passion for the fitness industry, and her determination to have a business one day. This admiration led to me requesting her to coach me for a ‘mock prep.’ At the time I was not aiming to do a real competition, just to see what being on ‘prep’ would feel like, and if I could actually do it. We planned to only do it for 3 months; but soon 3 months turned in 4, and then before I knew it I was prepping for my first bikini competition! Joanna is not your normal coach, and I say that in a good way! Besides being caring, understanding, and reliable (the qualities that all coaches should possess); she is patient with her client(s) and understands that the process, will take time, she is firm when needed be and communicates clear expectations with her client(s) by placing them on a well-thought out and thorough plan, and she is VERY knowledgeable in this area, as she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science. Her way of training is not to just tell her client(s) what to do; she also explains why they are doing what they are doing so that there is a mutual understanding. I have told her this countless of times before, and I know she’s probably sick of hearing me say this, but Joanna changed my whole outlook on life. She instilled commitment, faith, and patience in me and for that I am forever grateful for her. I’m very proud to say I took home 2nd place in both my class and division, but the life-lessons I have obtained from this experience far more out-weigh any placement I could have received. Thank you so much Joanna for introducing the passion of bodybuilding into my life, I will forever be grateful for that.

Shanece Thomas, Bikini Client (Coached By Joa)

“Working with Joanna on my posing was one of the smartest decisions I could make. Having someone who is truly passionate about what they’re doing help me made me feel more than comfortable. Posing is so important and Joanna made sure to fix even the littlest of details and even helped with my confidence as well. She doesn’t disappoint as a coach, or a friend. 10/10 I’ll always recommend her!”

Gabrielle Griner, Bikini Posing Client (Coached By Joa)

I have known Joanna for awhile now, and seeing her success with and knowledge of competing made me know she would be an amazing posing coach. But, Joanna is much more than a posing coach. She will be up at 4am with you on show day to be your stage mom. She will inspire you to find your purpose, pursue it, build your empire around it, and support you every step of the way. I am SO proud to call her a coach and a friend.

Amanda Edwards, Lifestyle Client (Coached By Joa)

Joanna over these past two months, my time with you has been incredibly motivating. You are nothing short of a selfless individual who puts all of your clients needs over your own. You have helped me reach both mental and physical goals by constantly pushing me and motivating me like no other. Due to your uplifting, positive, and eccentric personality I have been able to easily open up to you and work with complete ease. The mental growth I have experienced has opened up so many doors for success for myself and I’m so excited for the future. Everything you have done for me and will continue to do for me, i can’t thank you enough! You are THE BEST.

Lili Lillo, Bikini Prep and Posing Client (Coached By Joa)

Second place in my novice class A (5 foot- 5’4 girls) and second place for bikini overall (all heights). The most humbling, surreal, incredible experience of my life. I am a Nationally Qualified Bikini competitor of the NPC. Never could have done this without my amazing coach, @_joafitness , words will never express my gratitude and appreciation for the things you have done for me. I thought I knew what it was like to have someone be there for you before but Joanna takes the cake. She will be there at 4 am to make you beautiful. She will answer at 2:30 in the morning when you’re tired and hungry. She will meet you at the gym to get your cardio over with. She will LISTEN TO YOU, LOVE YOU, NOURISH YOU. Please, if you have any interest in improving your quality of life through health and fitness contact my coach. She changed my life forever and her energy must be passed along to others.

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